"If you are the first in a category (or perceived to be), you get to name the category.

If you invent it, create it, revise it, or re-position it -- you get to name it If your idea is innovative, imaginative, or free, consumers will memorize your name no matter what you call it.

The free music download sites are a good example. Napster, Limewire and Kazaa are not necessarily the best names ever created...but memorable. "

"When 7-Eleven introduced the Slurpee, it could be argued that it didn't fit their naming architecture at all. It had no tie-in to the company name (such as McDonald's Big Mac). But when a company has thousands of stores that can instantly expose a new name to millions of customers, it's enough to permanently tattoo any name on the cerebral cortex."

"So can you "own" a word? That would be a qualified "yes"... if you are first in category, infectious, a huge company with a big footprint or a profitable company with a lot of cash.

These types of names offer positive connotations while providing a sense of the industry to which they belong."

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Forbes Top 50 Sport Agencies

Agency Domain

Creative Artists Agency https://www.caa.com/
Wasserman https://www.teamwass.com/
Excel Sports Management https://www.excelsm.com/
Stellar Group https://stellargroup.co.uk/
Octagon https://www.octagon.com/
Gestifute https://gestifute.com/
Boras Corporation http://www.borascorp.com/
Newport Sports Management https://www.thehockeyagency.com/
Lian Sports https://www.liansports.com/
Independent Sports & Entertainment https://www.iseworldwide.com/
Mino Raiola http://www.minoraiola.com/
Rogon Sportmanagement https://www.rogon.tv/en
Sports Entertainment Group https://seginternational.com/
Arena11 Sports Group https://arena11.com/
Unique Sports Management International https://uniquesportsmanagement.com/
ACES https://www.acesincbaseball.com/
YouFirst Sports https://youfirstsports.com/
Athletes First http://www.athletesfirst.net/
Priority Sports & Entertainment https://prioritysports.biz/
WME-IMG – NO Sponsorship.com http://img.com/
WME-IMG – WITH Sponsorship.com http://www.sponsorship.com
Lagardère Sports and Entertainment https://sportfive.com/
SportsTotal https://www.sportstotal.com/
MVP Sports Group https://mvpgroupagency.com/en
Rosenhaus Sports Representation https://www.rosenhaussports.com/
Rep 1 Sports http://rep1football.com/
Bahía Internacional http://www.bahiainternacional.es/en/home
Klutch Sports Group https://klutchgroup.com/
Roc Nation Sports https://www.rocnation.com/sports/
Sportstars https://sportstarsnyc.com/
Key Sports Management https://keysports.nl/
World Soccer Agency https://www.alessandrolucciwsa.com/en/
BDA Sports Management Steve Nash https://bdasports.com/
Select Sports Group http://ssgfootball.com/
KO Sports https://kosportsinc.com/
Landis Baseball Group http://lbgbaseball.com/
Sport Cover https://sportcover.co/
Goodwin Sports Management http://goodwinsports.com/
Quartexx Management https://www.quartexxmanagement.com/
The Sports Corporation http://www.thesportscorporation.com/
TEAM8 https://www.team8global.com/
Beverly Hills Sports Council https://bhscouncil.com/
Titan Sports Management https://titan365.com/
Comsport http://www.comsport.biz/en/

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Sports Sponsorship - Statistics & Facts

Sports Sponsorship Spending
in the United States
from 2014 to 2024

The revenue of the North American Sports Sponsorship market was estimated at approximately 17.17 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 and is expected to grow to over 20 billion U.S. dollars by 2022. This figure in 2018 accounts for around 70 percent of the total sponsorship market, which also includes sponsorship in entertainment, causes, the arts, festivals, fairs and annual events, as well as sponsorship for associations and membership organizations.


$ 65.8 Billion


$ 16.4 BILLION