How Important Is Sport To Brands ?
Allegiant Air is an ultra low-cost U.S. carrier that operates scheduled and charter flights.
It is a major air carrier, the fourteenth-largest
commercial airline in North America.
Allegiant Latest 2023 Quarterly Revenue
$683 million (3 months revenue)
Naming Rights for Las Vegas Stadium
$25 million Per Year
$6.25 Million Every 3 Months
This is .915% of ONE PERCENT of Revenue
To have your name blasted across
National and Local Media
for every game, event, concert and
Las Vegas Promotional Media Platform
24/7 - 365 Days A Year
Allegiant could not buy this level of exposure
on any other media platform.
Allegiant Stadium is a domed stadium
located in Paradise, Nevada.
It is the home stadium for the
Las Vegas Raiders of the NFL
University of Nevada Las VegasRebels
Las Vegas Bowl and the Vegas Kickoff Classic
Host To Super Bowl LVIII in February 2024
 At $1.9 billion, it is the second-most expensive stadium in the world.
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Sportsorship™ Market Capture Calculator

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