Social Media and Language - The Emergence of Sportsorship™


The Evolution Of Language


Just Over 100 years Ago

Someone Combined the Words

Sponsor and Relationship

And Created The Word Sponsorship


In 1970, Horst Dassler,

President of Adidas™


Sir Stanley Rous, President of FIFA™

Created The First Sport Sponsorship


Adidas™ has made All The

World Cup Balls Since 1970


Prior To 1970

The Word Sponsorship

Only Related to Immigrating

Families Into A New Country


In the mid 1970s

Horst Dassler, President Of Adidas™

Also Known As

'The Father of Sport Sponsorship'


Patrick J. Nally, British Ad Exec.

Formed The Worlds First

Sports Marketing Firm


The Evolution Of Language

Always Brings About

Positive Advancements



Is The Next Natural Step




"Once You Hear The Word Sportsorship™

There Is No Other Word You Can Use"






How One Word Could Dominate

An Entire Industry





This linguistic analysis aims to explore the unique

quality and strength of the word Sportsorship™

and its anticipated impact on the

Trillion Dollar World of Sport Sponsorship.


Unlike any word before, Sportsorship™

should become what marketers call

'Top Of Mind' or a 'First Thought' phrase.



"Sportsorship™ is a brilliant fusion of the words

sport and sponsorship that ingeniously captures the essence of modern sports marketing.

Sportsorship™will swiftly emerges as a

dominant and memorable term ensuring its

rapid integration into the Sport Sponsorship

industry's lexicon, becoming synonymous with the future of collaborative sports ventures."


The Power of One Word


Sportsorship™ embodies the concept of sport sponsorship in a single word, encapsulating the essence of the relationship between athletes, teams, sponsors, major events, and facilities. Its brevity and clarity eliminate the need for lengthy explanations or complex terminology, making communication more streamlined and efficient.



Social Media and Language


The emergence of Sportsorship™ represents a significant advancement in social language.

As social media evolves and adapts to changing trends, Sportsorship™ provides a new linguistic tool that will enhance communication.


Sportsorship™ will enables athletes, teams,

sponsors, major events, and facilities to

'Effectively Communicate'

and convey their involvement in sport sponsorship

in a concise and impactful manner.




Sportsorship™ will be The 'First Though' phrase

on its way to establishing itself as

'The Gateway To Sport Sponsorship'

dominating sport sponsorship searches world wide