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"You can own just about any word
in any language,
or even create new ones,
if you understand the dynamics
behind branding."
"When companies or products are new to market,
they beg for mental "handles" to describe them.
The first company or product in a new category,
if they are aware of this fact,
can create a new name,
invent a new noun or term
that can become
the recognized name
for the entire category

The Majority of Industry Traffic
Pales in Comparison To
Sport Specific Sites
Daily Website Traffic Of The Worlds
Top 20 Sites Sport Sites
Averages Over 100,000,000
Hits Per Day


# Sport Website Monthly Traffic Daily Traffic

1.00 506,900,000.00 16,668,858.93

2.00 449,000,000.00 14,764,879.97

3.00 334,500,000.00 10,999,671.16

4.00 213,600,000.00 7,024,005.26

5.00 203,500,000.00 6,691,877.67

6.00 199,400,000.00 6,557,053.60

7.00 163,800,000.00 5,386,386.06

8.00 139,300,000.00 4,580,730.02

9.00 132,900,000.00 4,370,272.94

10.00 118,600,000.00 3,900,032.88

11.00 115,500,000.00 3,798,092.73

12.00 103,300,000.00 3,396,908.91

13.00 97,300,000.00 3,199,605.39

14.00 91,800,000.00 3,018,743.83

15.00 89,800,000.00 2,952,975.99

16.00 88,700,000.00 2,916,803.68

17.00 86,000,000.00 2,828,017.10

18.00 85,100,000.00 2,798,421.57

19.00 77,300,000.00 2,541,927.00

20.00 76,400,000.00 2,512,331.47

Top 20 Sport Website Traffic 3,372,700,000.00 110,907,596.19

Total Mnthy Traffic AVG Mnthly Traffic
  The only way to predict the future is to have power to shape the future 


Determining Value
Sportsorship™ stands as a truly unprecedented word,
unmatched by any other in its powerful, simple nature. With no precedent to confine it, the word possesses
an inherent strength that captivates attention and distinguishes itself in sports sponsorship.
Sportsorship™ is poised to achieve immediate and
significant market capture, disregarding any projections
due to its exceptional appeal and distinctiveness.
The word's powerful and simple nature, combined
with its unparalleled uniqueness, positions it
to make an immediate and substantial impact
within the sports sponsorship industry.


Leveraging Social Media Platforms


Combined with A collaboration with a few
high-profile athletes will drive
Sportsorship™ world wide
Social Media Likes Simple
Once You Hear It ..You Never Forget It
Sport Sponsorships
World Wide MarketPlace



Valuation Can Only Be Based On
Anticipated Percentage Of Market Capture
Every 0.50% - Of One Percent
(1/2 Of One Percent)
Equates to $5 Billion in Revenue
Sportsorship™ As A ‘Truly Unprecedented Word’,
Makes a Market Capture Projections impossible
A Market Capture of 1.0%
is $10 Billion In Revenue


Profesional Sports Agent on Sportsorship™


"If someone doesn't spend thirty million dollars

on this domain to buy it, they're going to spend
50 million advertising on it."
"It is Entirely Conceivable The Word Sportsorship™
Could Dominate Over 90% Of Online Searches
For Sport Sponsorship Within Five Years."
If these statements are just 1/100th accurate
Will Be The Worlds MOST VALUABLE Domain in 2023, stated

33% of all new and used cars searches

now go thru their website.


Focus Group Results


A 2023 Focus Group Session,
we observed a remarkable trend. Midway thru,
almost 75% of the participants were already
incorporating the word Sportsorship™
into their sentences and search queries.
By the end of the session, the entire group had fully embraced and integrated Sportsorship™
into their conversation, social media discussions
and online searches indicating
Widespread Adoption of the word.™
'The Gateway To Sport Sponsorship'
Is expected to draw
'Substantial Market Share' 
Away From All Sport Agencies
To Build A Brand...You Must Own A Word...A Word That No One Else Owns

Final Valuation


Utilizing A Market Capture Valuation

Any Market Capture Percentage

Is Easily Achievable And Will Result In

Substantial Market Valuation


Professional athletes have millions of followers

One post, from one athlete will have™ & @Sportsorship

surging with organic traffic



Inter Miami CF after signing Lionel Messi

Went from 1 million to 5 million Followers

All Within 24 hours

The Power of Social Media


The Entire Sport Sponsorship Industry




Top Of Page 1 All Search Engines

Creates a path in a way no other word does





Just Over 100 years Ago Someone Combined the Words

Sponsor and Relationship

And Created The Word Sponsorship


The Next 100 Years