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Account for a consumer’s decision to choose one
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Domain Evaluation & Market Analysis


In May 2023, a comprehensive domain evaluation was undertaken by a team consisting of a professional domain evaluator, a marketing executive, and a linguistic expert to determine a valuation for the word and domain Sportsorship™.


The evaluation team aimed to provide an extensive evaluation and a thorough assessment of the domain's value, supported by eight distinct categories, to ensure the most accurate domain evaluation possible.


We highly recommend conducting your own domain evaluation and encourage you to utilize any or all of the provided information in your search.


The purpose of this valuation is to assess the potential impact and value of the word and the domain Sportsorship™ within the 100 billion dollar sports sponsorship market.


Through market analysis specifically tailored to Sportsorship™, we aim to gain insights that will be instrumental in determining its true value and potential. By considering factors such as market capture potential, domain history, and relevance to the sports sponsorship industry, we strive to provide a fair and accurate valuation for the domain.


Our ultimate goal is to ensure that any potential buyer of Sportsorship™ can fully unlock its potential and achieve their business objectives with the domain.


Through our market analysis, we aim to offer insights and guidance that will empower the buyer to make informed decisions and leverage the complete potential of Sportsorship™.


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There will be NO One, in the Sport Sponsorship Industry..
That WILL NOT SEARCH - Sportsorship™
Intro and History of Sportsorship.com™


The domain was Sportsorship.com was registered in 2007.


The power of this domain lies specifically in the word Sportsorship™.

Presently, there is no single search word that defines the sport sponsorship industry.


The word itself creates a strong and memorable brand that can will re-engineer

and simplify sports sponsorship searches.


Sportsorship™ is a word, a term, a noun, a .com and a Trademark-able Brand.

It simply does not get any better than this when building a brand.

Sportsorship™ is the perfect Brand Trifecta.


Sportsorship™immediately communicates the focus and purpose of a platform, making it easy for users to identify and engage with. In the competitive world of sports sponsorship, having Sportsorship™ as your strong and recognizable brand will make a significant difference in attracting and retaining customers.


The name Sportsorship™ has the potential to dominate as a go-to platform for companies, athletes, brands and organizations seeking to sponsor sports teams, events, and athletes.

Furthermore, the domain's name has the potential to generate strong organic search traffic as users naturally search for "sports sponsorship".


This type of direct and relevant traffic is immensely valuable as it significantly reduces customer acquisition costs while increases overall platform revenue and awareness. Sportsorship™, literally, it has the power to sell itself.


The word quickly communicates the platform's focus, attract and retain customers, and generate strong organic traffic will ultimately lead to a higher domain valuation.


The word Sportsorship™ is an immensely powerful asset for any platform's success.


When a Brand Becomes a Word' in Consumers Minds,
That Brand has Been Effectively Positioned Against its Competition

Is The Domain A Top-Level Domain (TLD)?


The domain name Sportsorship.com uses the .com top-level domain, which is

the most widely recognized and trustworthy TLDs .com.


All our Search Engine requests easily found Sportsorship.com

Presently Sportsorship™ Shows Up Top Of Page 1


The .com TLD is the most commonly used and the most recognized for business websites and is easily remembered.


Section Grade - 10 out of 10.



Is The Branded Keyword More Valuable Than A Keyword?


The Branded Keyword, Sportsorship™ should quickly exceed its initial value and surpass and and all expectations of reconigition and website traffic.


Branded Keywords are far more valuable, are Trademark-able and are great in digital marketing and SEO as they score very high in all searches.


Our first challenge was searching both words Sponsorship, then Sportsorship™.

Both entered into multiple search engines.


Sportsorship™ showed up

'Top Of Page 1 on every search engine.

Sportsorship™ is a far more memorable and definable as a long term brand.


Section Grade - 8 out of 10.


There will be NO One, in the Sport Sponsorship Industry..
That WILL NOT SEARCH - Sportsorship™


 Spelling of the Word and the Domain


Despite the initial challenges that may arise from the unconventional spelling of Sportsorship™ in terms of user recall and search engine visibility, the clever combination of 'sports' and 'sponsorship' creates a unique and creative domain name that distinguishes the website as a top resource for sports sponsorship.


While some users may initially misspell the domain name or word during searches, repeated exposure and targeted marketing will make the spelling a memorable aspect of the brand.


With continued branding efforts, this distinct spelling will become a significant and recognizable aspect of the website's identity.


Section Grade - 8 out of 10.


There Will Only Be One Owner Of "Sportsorship™"
Madrid Protocol - Sections
028 - Games and Sporting Goods and  035 - Advertising and Business Services


Brand-ability and Trademark of the Domain


Trademark Protection of Sportsorship™

will contribute dramatically to its increasing its overall value.


The name Sportsorship™ is unique, memorable, and creates a clear association with the sports sponsorship industry, making it a strong candidate for building brand recognition and loyalty.


Obtaining worldwide trademark protection for Sportsorship™ under the Madrid Protocol categories of "Games and Sporting Goods" and "Advertising and Business Services"

will further solidify its value.


Having a trademark adds credibility and authority to the brand, making it more attractive to potential partners, sponsors, and customers.


This can open up opportunities for collaborations, sponsorship's, and other forms of revenue generation.


The combination of the brand ability of Sportsorship™ and the potential for worldwide trademark protection can significantly increase the value of the domain name and the associated business.


Section Grade - 10 out of 10.

Do Not Buy A Domain On Where The World Is Today..
Buy It On Where The World Will Be Tomorrow.



Pronunciation and Memorability


The website's domain name, Sportsorship™ is a extremely clever combination of "sports" and "sponsorship," which provides a clear definition of its purpose.

Repeated exposure and marketing will further increase industry familiarity with the brand name and its spelling.


A Word is Not A Brand

But Your Brand Can Become A Word



will be a 'dictionary' word someday.



Will Be  A Unicorn Domain someday.


Based on current trends in the sports industry, it is clear that Sportsorship™ will rapidly gain momentum and easily surpass Sponsorship as the preferred term for athletes and brands involved in sports sponsorship.


With the proliferation of social media and the increasing emphasis on brand partnerships in the sports world, it is only a matter of time before Sportsorship™ becomes a ubiquitous term in everyday language.


Brands are looking for new and innovative ways to reach fans and build loyalty.

Social Media Likes Simple Creative Words and Terms.


Sportsorship™ is the natural evolution of language as it captures the essence of the relationship between brands and athletes in the context of sports sponsorship.

While there may be some initial resistance to the term from traditionalists, the rapid adoption of Sportsorship™ by influencers and major sports brands indicates that it will quickly becoming the norm.


As such, brands and athletes who are not using Sportsorship™ in their marketing and social media campaigns risk falling behind the curve and missing out on valuable opportunities to engage with fans and build their brands.


Sportsorship™ is poised to become the cornerstone search term of the entire sports marketing lexicon as savvy brands and athletes will quickly embracing this trend to stay ahead of the competition.


Ultimately, with strategic branding and marketing efforts, the unconventional spelling will become a recognizable and memorable aspect of the website's identity.


Section Grade - 9 out of 10.



There Will Only Be One Owner Of "Sportsorship™"
Madrid Protocol - Sections
028 - Games and Sporting Goods and  035 - Advertising and Business Services



Everyday Acceptance


With repeated exposure and marketing efforts, Sportsorship™ has the power to become as recognized as Realtor©, the word that defines the entire Real Estate industry.


The alliteration in Sportsorship™ will help make it memorable and catchy for users.


Sportsorship™ is already ranking on the

‘Top of Page One’ on every search engine we tested, which is a remarkable sign for the website's visibility and discover-ability.


In time, Sportsorship™ will become so

well-known that it becomes a genericized term, used in everyday language to describe sports sponsorship.


Section Grade - 9 out of 10




In 2019, Voice.com sold for $30 million making it
the most expensive publicly announced
domain name purchase of all time..
and its doesn’t even get Top of Page 1 on Google™.

Final Word


The market analysis of Sportsorship™ is the intellectual property of our organization and is protected under copyright law.


The analysis was conducted by an independent body with no association to the sports sponsorship and marketing industry to ensure objectivity and accuracy.


The analysis is intended for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as the sole basis for any investment or business decisions.


While we believe that the market analysis provides valuable insights into the potential value of Sportsorship, we strongly suggest that your firm conducts its own market analysis and due diligence before making any investment or business decisions.


Trusting our information will help ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the market and can make informed decisions that align with your business goals. We will say, the final results even surpassed our wildest expectations.


We look forward to following Sportsorship™.


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Kevin MacPhee

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